A World of Wonders

A World of Wonders

Abby Schuler, Writer

 It was a cold but starry night in New York. Jessie was so excited to meet her family for the first time. It had been a month since she took in the paperwork and DNA tests. She’d never think this day would come. Jessie was a single child, grew up in a very wealthy family , had gotten the whole “get any car you’d wish” experience and even more. It wasn’t until she turned 17 when she found out that she was adopted by her family. 

* Two months before the trip*

“MOM! DAD! What the heck? Why couldn’t you have told me I was adopted? I always felt that I was different and you guys always reassured me that it was nothing. Before I felt self conscious but now I feel like a total outsider.”

“Honey we did it for your own good. Your father and I thought if we told you while too young it could ruin your mindset and make you feel that we didn’t want you as a child.”

“I need to find out who my real parents are Mom. I love you guys and you will always be my family but I really need to not only know where I came from but who my biological parents are.”

“Jessie do you really think that is what’s best for you? You could meet them and realize you wish that you hadn’t. We just want what’s best for you and want to be there to watch you succeed.”

Jessica Ann LaRusso if you want to meet the people who walked out on you on your first day in this world then go ahead but don’t come crawling back when you don’t like what you see.”

“Dad how you could say this to me, you guys were the ones who lied and made a bond with me that didn’t start on trust if anyone should be upset it’s me.”

“Jessica I don’t care if it was the president who you wanted to go meet, you’re acting like a spoiled little brat and I will not tolerate that in my home do you understand?”

“Crystal.” Later that night Jessie ordered two DNA kits to take and send out for each parent, her plan was to leave as soon as she had the results and got a response back from them.