I’ve Been Here Before


Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

Recently on my TikTok for you page I’ve been seeing a lot of posts that have an audio that say “I’ve been here before” (Now I have a very messed up for you page so I don’t know how popular these actually are) and the TikTok is just photos of places the give you a Déjà vu feeling. I’ll post a couple photo examples here:

These photos are called “Dream Core” and I’m mostly sharing this story to show everyone else who may not have seen these what they are. The fill me with so many feelings and I’ve spent literal hours looking through these photos because they fill me with such a strange feeling of nostalgia. Some of my friends say they don’t feel anything while looking at them which I think is crazy. It’s hard to explain these other than “I’ve been here before” It makes me feel like I knew who lived in these photos. I do have to admit though, any dream core photo is really just an empty building, some generic house, or some childs room that has a bunch of toys in it so it’s probably not the hardest thing to feel nostalgia or to recreate but I still think it’s very interesting to scroll the through the photos and see if any make you feel like you’ve been there.