24 Hours: The few hours left


Abby Schuler , Writer

  I told her “I honestly don’t know but we can’t sit at home and do nothing but play with our thumbs while mom and dad are out there and could be in serious danger.” We had gotten to the location and went inside and the studio that looked very familiar to us for some reason. I went on one side and Mac went on the other to cover more ground. We met in the back by the door and realized this was our old ballet studio before our mom and dad said that Mrs. Nancy couldn’t afford to keep it open. We went to the room with all the music for the recitals but when we had gotten there there was a laptop open with a message. It said “ I know what you’re looking for and if you ever want to get your agents back you will follow the steps on the desk”. We turned to go see the steps but before we could we heard footsteps and had to hide. Mac looked at me with a very nervous face, I told her this was it and we need to focus. We went up to hide in the vents and when we saw Mrs. Nancy walk in and fix the lettering on one of the steps, we looked at each other in such astonishment because how could our favorite dance teacher take our parents. We hopped down and caught her, she looked at us very scared and realized it was us. She gave us a quick message before she had run away. We quickly got some photos of the evidence and checked the other perimeter. We got to the basement where we found our moms matching necklace to ours and our grandfathers watch that our dad never takes off. We realized there was a connection between the note from Mrs. Nancy and our parents jewelry. We put it all together and our parents should be kept at the drive-ins where there will be playing a movie tonight. Mac and I agreed to go off the grid for this last step except our brother of course, we thought this was a family matter and family should be the only ones. We went to the drive-ins later that night and chose our spots to see where the enemies were at. We went to the internal area where movies are streamed using our clues. Before we could recover anymore clues a bunch of men came in and put bags over our heads. Mac and I started yelling for our brother and before I knew it Mac was shaking my body yelling at me to wake up. I asked her what happened and she said that mom and dad made a big breakfast because Jacob’s coming home from college today. We all went to breakfast and I always wondered if my parents could’ve been spies.