College COVID- 19 Cases


Kasey Filler, Writer

As many people know, colleges have had many of their students return to campus the past few weeks. This has caused a lot of the COVID- 19 cases in college towns to sky rocket. College towns hold the top 16 spots for the most COVID- 19 case increases in the past two weeks. In Iowa City the coronavirus case rates went up to an average of 17 cases per day the first week students were back to now being an average of 184 new cases per day. This caused the Iowa governor to close bars where Iowa, Iowa State, and Drake universities are located. Click here to read the full story about Iowa.

It’s not only the big colleges in Iowa that have had the amount of COVID- 19 cases increase. As of August 31st more than 300 students at the University of Missouri have tested positive since being back at school. The local health director ordered that bars stop serving alcohol at 9pm and close at 10pm. The University of Alabama has had 1000 students test positive since in person classes have resumed.  Tuscaloosa was ordered to shut down all bars for two weeks and suspended bar services at restaurants. As you can tell many colleges are thinking the reason for the spike in COVID cases is students activity at bars. There is no social distancing or wearing masks anywhere. Click here for the full article.

Obviously, only some colleges have had problems with increasing COVID cases. Hopefully they can get everything under control and nobody will be kicked off of campus.