24 Hours to Save the World


Abby Schuler, Writer

  It was a beautiful summer day while Macenzie and I were hanging out in our rooms, and all of a sudden these groups of trucks and people came rushing into the house. We ran down stairs to see what was going on, and the people that were there were people neither of us had ever seen before. A lady standing nearby came over to Macenzie and I and told us that her name was Ella Jankings and everything was going to be alright but we needed to go with her because our parents were in trouble. Mackenzie and I had turned and talked for a second, we then realized that we knew Ella from a work party that we attended with our parents and brother. We decided to go with her but we asked her how much trouble our parents could be in if they were just sales people in a car dealership. She giggled a little and said everything will be explained shortly and we needed to stay calm. 

We finally got to our destination which was a really weird building with only one window at the very top right corner. Ella took us inside to a room with a bunch of secret gadgets and devices. We looked at each other and looked back at Ella to ask her what the heck was going on and what were those things? She said we needed to sit down for what she was about to say, so we did and what she told us was unimaginable. Ella said that our parents weren’t just average sales people, they were undercover agents that work for the government and complete hundreds of local tasks so they can stay with you girls but since you’re both old enough you both can now join the new teenage unit we have been working on. 

We both said we needed to see our parents first, Ella said that’s why they brought us in instead of our parents. They didn’t report back from their 6:00am mission and they haven’t checked in. Ella told us that she needed us to go to their last known location because whoever they are with has their profile which can also allow them to see every working agent in our district, but since you girls aren’t in yet you’re the perfect disguise. In order to cause as little problems as possible and keep your parents and our agents safe we need you girls to go, we can train you with some moves and gadgets so you have the basics and are prepared. So what do you girls say will help us get your parents back?