Hurricane Laura


Kallie Roberson, Writer

Currently there is a hurricane named Laura expected to make landfall between the Texas and Louisiana border. Laura was just upgraded to a category 4 hurricane which means there will be winds from 130-156 MPH. The winds and the catastrophic storm surge will damage a good amount if things were the hurricane makes landfall. Hurricane Laura can still strengthen before it makes landfall tonight into tomorrow morning.  As Laura starts to make landfall Texas and Louisiana have already reported over 13,000 power outages. Laura’s storm surges could be unsurvivable. Customs and Border protection have already sent air crews to the gulf to prepare for the hurricane aftermath. Texas and Louisiana. have had many mandatory evacuation, but there have been 150 residents that refused to evacuate. Hurricane laura is the 3rd storm to strike Cameron Parish in the last 15 years.

The other 2 storms that hit Cameron Parish were hurricane Katrina and hurricane Ike. Hurricane Ike caused lots of damage with flooding, but they’re expecting Laura to be worse. In Beaumont Texas they are cutting billboards to prepare for the strong winds. They do this so the wind can blow through the structure cannot fly off. There was another hurricane named Marco that made landfall but hurricane Marco was nowhere near as strong as Laura. As the day went away Marco grew weaker as Laura will grow stronger and stronger. Laura will be hitting some of the same parts as Marco. States around it are also preparing for the hurricane and the storm surge by boarding up windows and doors and also evacuating depending on where they are located. Hurricane Laura made landfall  August 26-27, this hurricane has left so many residents without power. Laura was expected to be far more worse than it was, but they are still continuing to say that there could still be life threatening storm surges.