What’s going on in Kenosha, Wisconsin


Cullen Langley, Writer

On Sunday August 23 a police officer from Kenosha, Wisconsin shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times. The Kenosha Police said in the report they released on August 27 that it started with a call from a woman saying “Her boyfriend was present and not supposed to be on the premises.” The dispatcher names Jacob and says that he took the callers keys and refused to leave. The dispatcher has also said that she didn’t have more details because the caller was “uncooperative.”  Jacob was shot in the spine and will most likely paralysed from the waist down. 

The police rendered first aid and Jacob was flown to the Milwaukee Hospital. The video shows a scuffle between Jacob and the Police where Jacob then walks to the drivers side of an SUV and tries to enter. One officer is seen pulling Jacob’s tank top then seven gunshots are heard. The police reports timeline does not explain why they were arresting him. The report does claim that Jacob admitted he had a knife in the SUV. There is no explanation if Jacob was wielding the knife or why the police officer, Rusten Sheskey, shot him so many times. Jacobs’ side of the story is still unconfirmed due to the severity of his injuries. There were four days of protests in Kenosha after the event. On Tuesday a yet unnamed gunman shot three people while protesters were clashing with the police. The gunman has been arrested but two people were killed. Not all details of what has happened have been reported yet. 

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