What Pathetic Things Made You Happy This Summer?


Madison Hanson, Writer

Due to 2020 being a horrific nightmare and this summer basically being the worst and longest running joke ever, I decided to ask people how they spent their summer. I chose to do this by asking one simple question (that no one could seem to answer) “What’s pathetic things made you happy this summer?” With that being said, I traveled lunch room to lunch room for these answers and I hope some of you enjoy them.

The Answers

Leah Sears: “I realized that Aldi is actually a cool grocery store, I thought it was just cheap stuff, but they have really cool things there.”

Anika Duhs: “Church Camp.”

Molly Vestal: “‘Some Good News’ with John Krasinski, there’s been so much bad news this year and it was nice to see some good.”

Gabe Laleman: “Probably work.”

Kale Stropes: “Playing Minecraft until 4am wit da boyz.”

I think the conclusion I came to after these mini interviews was that everyone’s lives are either too pathetic or not pathetic at all. This summer was probably the most fun and most pathetic summers I’ve ever lived through. I can easily say that I spent most of the first half of 2020 at work, shoutout to IGA for allowing me to make bank, and also cooking really weird stuff.

With all the pathetic things I did this summer, the thing that consistently sticks out in my head is the half sticks of butter I found out Land O’ Lakes makes. These stupid butter sticks were the example I gave people for how pathetic their answers should be and they all agreed it was pretty pathetic, wild.