Will the NFL be allowing fans at games this year?

Kasey Filler, Writer

Many sporting events aren’t happening this fall. BIG 10 has canceled all their fall sporting events. Other college conferences such as the SEC and BIG 12 are still having their seasons. The NFL has decided to go on with their season, but there will be a lot that has changed. Some stadiums will be allowing fans and others won’t be.

Buffalo Bills will not be allowing fans.

The Dolphins will allow their stadium to reach 20% capacity on game days.

New England Patriots- No

New York Jets- No

Baltimore Ravens- No

Cincinnati Bengals- No

Cleveland Browns- Yes

Houston Texans- No

Indianapolis Colts- Yes, at 25% capacity

Jacksonville Jaguars- Yes, at 25%

Tennessee Titans- No

Denver Broncos-No

Kansas City Chiefs-Yes

Las Vegas Raiders- No

Dallas Cowboys- Yes

New York Giants- No

Philadelphia Eagles- No

Chicago Bears- No

Detroit Lions- No

Green Bay Packers-No

Minnesota Vikings- No

Atlanta Falcons-No

Carolina Panthers- No

New Orleans Saints- N0

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Yes

Arizona Cardinals- No

Los Angeles Rams- No

San Francisco 49ers- No

Seattle Seahawks- No

Click here for the full article. Most teams are planning to play their games without any fans, but their are a few stadiums allowing them as you can see. Many stadiums that are allowing fans to come into the stadium do mention that this isn’t for the whole season and them allowing fans at games could definitely change.