Movie Reviews


Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

I watched a lot of movies during quarantine, and by a lot I mean about 150 movies since the middle of March. Although I watched many bad and well known movies, I watched lots that were more “underground.” I’m not trying to be some movie snob that will hate on anyone who enjoyed The Kissing Booth, I just think that there are so many underrated movies that are available to watch if we just opened our eyes.

Watching bad movies has become almost a sport for me. Streaming services have hundreds of hidden, atrocious gems that I love to watch. Those movies are also important to watch either for humor purposes or, if film interests you, to see just how bad a movie can be. Even though watching a movie that you end up loving is always fun, watching a movie that makes you cry out of pure frustration and confusion is just as fun. 

 I do think that if even one person watched and liked one movie I wrote about,  I would feel accomplished. With that being said, I have plenty of movies that I’ve already watched to review but if anyone has any movies that I should watch let me know. I’m always down to watch a horrible movie or to find a new favorite.