NBA Bubble


Eli Kayser, Editor

This year has been weird to say the least. COVID has gone and thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans, and that includes basketball. The NBA should have ended back in June, but will now continue into October. The twenty-two top teams in the league traveled to Disney World’s Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando to salvage their season. These teams competed for sixteen playoff spots, and we currently sit in the first round.


  • The Boston Celtics (3) defeated the Philadelphia 76ers (6) in a four game sweep behind strong performances from Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker. The 76ers fired their coach Brett Brown after seven seasons.
  • The Miami Heat (5) swept the Indiana Pacers (4) in four games and became the first lower seed to win in the first round so far. The Pacers couldn’t keep up their impressive performance from prior bubble matches.
  • The defending champion Toronto Raptors (2) swept the Brooklyn Nets (7) as they attempt to win another championship, this time without Kawhi Leonard.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks (1) are currently on top of the Orlando Magic (8) 3-1.


  • The Los Angeles Lakers (1) are up on the Portland Trail Blazers (8) 3-1.
  • The Utah Jazz (6) are ahead of the Denver Nuggets (3) 3-2.
  • The Los Angeles Clippers (2) are on top of the Dallas Mavericks (7) 3-2.
  • The Houston Rockets (4) and Oklahoma City Thunder (5) are tied 2-2.

Playoff Luka

One of the things we were able to see for the first time this postseason was Luka Doncic in the playoffs. The European star made his NBA debut last season with the Dallas Mavericks and did not disappoint, winning the title of Rookie of the Year. He continued to impress this season, leading the Mavs to the playoffs as a seven seed. The combo of Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis has been just what Dallas needed. Unfortunately, Porzingis is injured so he won’t be able to help the Mavs against the Clippers. Still, Luka has put up impressive numbers, with multiple forty point triple-doubles in the first round, and a clutch-game winner in game four.