Thinking about the Future

Thinking about the Future

Faith Catour, Guest Writer

Hi! My name is Faith Catour. I have been working very hard on a research project that was assigned in my college English class. Part of the project is to do an action project and I wanted to spread the word through the Scarlet Ink about my project. Since the Scarlet Ink is looked at by most high school students, this is the perfect place for me to spread the information. 


We were assigned a research project for the second semester in my college class. We were supposed to research something that is important to us. For my topic, I chose to research college tuition. The reason for researching this topic is because since I’m a senior in high school, college is in the near future for me. While trying to make a decision about what I wanted to do in the future, I also wanted to research the other ways that I can continue my education. Here are a few things that I learned that are important to know when thinking about the future. 


High School Is Important:

I know many people think that high school isn’t important. They think that grades don’t matter and all colleges are only looking at your SAT/ACT score. The thing is, grades do matter and so does your SAT/ACT score. When it comes to your grades, those grades represent how well you do in that class. They show how smart you are in that subject. Colleges want to know if you care about your schoolwork. If you have bad grades, then that shows that you are not good at those subjects. If you have good grades that shows that you are committed to focusing on your studies. Colleges are looking for people who want to do well in school and who are committed to getting their degree. They don’t want a person purposely getting bad grades and wasting everyone’s time and efforts. So the next time you think that getting a D on a report card is fine, think about yourself and see if that grade shows who you are as a student. 



When it comes to college, there is a reason why it’s so expensive. There are 4 main categories that cover the cost of college. First one is tuition and fees. These are all the things that the college provides for students to use. Transportation fees, library, or athletic facilities are all examples of college tuition and fees. The next category is room and board. This is for the “on-campus” staying. This covers what it would cost for you to stay in a dorm each year. Along with this, it includes all your meal plans that you might use at the college. The third category is school supplies and books. This includes all the books/materials that your classes need. Whether it’s books for a history class or any labs you would do in a science class. The last category is personal and transportation expenses. Some colleges charge for you parking your car at the school or some of the big colleges have shuttle buses that they use. Not all colleges charge for this and it depends on the college. It’s important to know the price for college so then you can know what you are actually paying for. You want to know where you’re putting your money at. 


Other Options:

When doing research, I found out that there are many other options that people can pursue besides going to college. One option is to go into the trades. According to “Midwest Technical School,” a trade school is a “postsecondary educational institution designed to train students for a specific job in a skilled trade career. . . it offers hands-on-training to prepare students for actual work.” This type of work involves people that want to go into plumbing, welding, construction, and more. There is nothing wrong with going into the trades because not many people go into that type of field work. The research that I found explained how most people that are working in the trades now have the average age of 55 years and older. If there aren’t many young people going into the trades, then there is going to be less people that have the trade skills. That is why we need to promote this kind of work. 


College is a serious thing to think about. It can be scary and overwhelming to plan on what to do for the rest of your life. It’s important to know what options you have when making this decision. Knowing who you are as a person and what will work best for you is crucial when deciding your future.. The more you know about your options, the better off you’ll be.