Student of The Week: Jenna Woolley


Mary Mount, Writer

Jenna Woolley is a senior at Orion who participates in Cheer and NHS. This is a very hard time for the seniors, so I wanted to get into the head of someone else in this situation and see what their take on this pandemic is.

Q: How is your quarantine so far?

A:”It has been pretty boring. My schedule had been work and school on repeat.”

Q: What are you missing the most about school?

A:”I miss seeing everyone. Not just my friends, but the atmosphere.”

Q: What is the biggest thing that we might miss out on as seniors that is bothering you the most?

A:”I was upset about prom at first, but I’d say graduation. I have looked forward to it for as long as I can remember and if we don’t get the full experience I’ll be crushed.”

Q: What are your summer plans for when things get back to “normal?”

A:”I plan on spending as much time with friends as I can. I made a summer bucket list already, so I hope to finish that this summer. I also hope to swim a lot and get super tan.”

Q: Where are you planning on attending next fall and what is your major?

A:”Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville to major in pharmacy. I got accepted to the program not too long ago so I’m super excited.”

Q: What are you most excited about for college?

A:”I’m ready to feel independent school wise. I am excited to study what I love around people who also really want to be there. I’m gonna miss the routine of high school, but I’m looking forward to bigger things.”

Q: What is one good thing about the quarantine?

A:”Now I don’t have to get up super early everyday and can do my homework in my bed.”

Q: What is your favorite high school memory?

A:”I loved painting the barn with my friends. It sounds like a basic answer, but our class was very close that night and we all seemed to come together. It was also a moment that I realized I’m actually a senior.”

Q: Do you plan on continuing cheer in college? Why or why not?

A:”I love cheer, but not enough to put that much effort into college cheer. I’ll miss it for sure though.”

Q: How are you feeling about e-learning?

A:”To be honest I strongly dislike it. I miss being in the classroom with my friends and I am most definitely assigned more work than when we actually went to school. I know that’s super negative, but I’m just super bummed about this whole thing.”