How to Celebrate Birthdays in Quarantine!!

How to Celebrate Birthdays in Quarantine!!

Riley Filler

One of the worst things to happen during quarantine is not getting to celebrate our dearest friends and families’ birthdays. People turning 16 aren’t able to get their license; others turning 21 don’t get to hit the bars and have their first sip of alcohol ever in their life. It truly is sad to think about all of the parties we’re missing out on in this already month long plague of boredom.

Despite it being sad that birthdays can’t be celebrated with a large group of people like they traditionally are, they can still be celebrated none the less. Here are some ways to make your quarantined birthday a success!

  1. A popular way to still get to see all of your friends on your birthday without violating CDC rules is to have the birthday girl/boy stand outside, in their yard, and wait for the parade to come to them. Have each of their friends drive by with a sign or some balloons, showing the birthday girl/boy some love on their special day. You could even honk their horn as they drive by! It’s fun for the birthday gal/boy to see how much all their friends and family care for them.
  2. Another way to celebrate a birthday during this crazy time is to put together a scavenger hunt for them to go on throughout their day. Make sure the scavenger hunt includes all of their favorite places or things that have fun memories along with them. This one takes a little bit more effort, but it shows you care and have put thought into your gift you’re giving them.
  3. If you have already bought gifts, you could make a doorstep delivery for them. They’ll appreciate that you followed the 6 feet Apart Rule and that they still get gifts.:) Write a cute note to go along with the presents to share some love with the birthday gal/boy.
  4. Another way to celebrate someone’s special b-day is to have a Zoom call with all of their closest friends and family. This will ensure you can all sing your horrendous rendition of “Happy Birthday” to make the celebration seem a little bit more normal. I recommend doing this if your family and friends are tech savy enough to figure out how to work Zoom.

I hope these ideas help you celebrate anyone who has a birthday in this crazy time we are having! Make them feel loved and appreciated!