How Did You Spend Easter?


Desi Goddard, Writer

Easter is a very important holiday for a lot of people. It’s supposed to be a time where you spend time with family, have Easter egg hunts, go to church, and eat a lot of food and candy. Since we are in a quarantine, Easter was a little different this year. I wanted to know how students spent their Easter. I asked a few people to tell me how they spent their Easter.

Elle Weber said, “We went to breakfast at my uncles with just my grandma and grandpa instead of everyone. Then we had a zoom call that night with everyone.”

Nikki Taets told me, “My dad got us some stuff and we got up early and then took a nap. Then ate food all day like usual. The only thing different was that we couldn’t be with our family because of Covid.”

When I talked to Rachel VanDuyne, she said, “On Easter, my family and I sat down for breakfast while we watched our churches sermon online. After that, we went on a walk together and exercised. We had a big dinner and watched a movie as we played cards.”

Then Sarah Jacobson told me, “I spent it with my family and we celebrated my brothers birthday, since it was on Easter. We, also, had a zoom call with the rest of my family too!”

Katie Terronez didn’t let the idea of possibly not going back to school bother her, “My mom cooked her Easter meal like usual. We jammed out as we got ready for the day and I did my daily workout. After that, we headed over to my dads to spend time with some family 6 feet apart. Then we went home and baked while watching movies.”

I was very pleased by the answers I got. I asked a lot of people just because I was curious and I’m happy no one spent their day doing nothing. Some other students told me how they decorated eggs, made their parents baskets, ate a lot of food, and watched their church online. They didn’t let Covid-19 stop them from celebrating Easter!