Let’s Talk: Tiger King


Ella Oliva


It’s almost a crime if you didn’t binge all 7 episodes of the new Netflix documentary; Tiger King. This show takes every twist and turn possible. Personally, I thought the show was going to be a day in the life of just a very strange man with a tiger. However, there was so much more than that and I was surprised by how dark things got. I think we can all agree the Carole definitely killed her husband, or at least had some part in it. His will saying “upon  my death or disappearance” just doesn’t sit right with me or many others. Did she feed him to the tigers? Or bury him somewhere in the large amount of land she owns? Or did she hire someone to do what she couldn’t? There are so many theories to this event, or do you believe she is innocent and people should stop trying to accuse her of his death and let her move on with her life?

Next let’s talk about the other members of the documentary. A couple episodes into the show we hear from a past zoo worker that worked for another zookeeper named Doc. She tells us about the day to day life of what it meant to be employed there. Between the 16 hour days and living in a horse stable invested with cockroaches, they suffered in many other ways. These workers have no days off and get paid only 100 dollars per week. Not to mention the dangerous situations they are put into each day, as we later saw a man lose his arm from a tiger attack. This job may be a last resort to people who may have nowhere to go or are struggling to find a job anywhere else, it’s sad to see the price these people had to pay just to keep the job.

Lastly, we all know Joe is in jail for many accounts of animals abuse and killing 5 tigers. Although many people wanted him in jail for hiring someone to kill Carole. Do you think Joe will get out earlier than his sentence now that he has blown up all over the nation? Do you think Joe will have more people on his side or the opposite? Overall, I don’t believe this is all over yet and many other people close to Joe believe there will be many more court cases. All we can do is wait to see how this unfolds. If you haven’t already, there was a new episode released this past week with all of the main people in the documentary, seeing where they are all at now and what they think the future will bring.