E Learning Thoughts


Lauren Handley, Writer

We are on our second-week of eLearning and I actually have a lot of opinions on it because of how new and different it is. It could definitely be something we could be doing for the rest of the year, but I have hope we will return to school hopefully in the future.

E Learning has a lot of perks to it. I am sure we can all agree with that. If you are hungry you can get something to eat. If you are thirsty you can get a drink. If you have to use the bathroom you can. It also means that you can take breaks whenever you need them. I myself usually have my homework done before noon sometimes which is really nice. The thing is it leaves free time sometimes which can be a little boring, but it is still a nice feeling knowing I have the rest of the day to do what I want to do.

E Learning also means less time spent communicating with others though which is not as nice. You don’t see your teachers ort friends as much which gets kinda sad especially because of quarantine. I miss the social aspect of school which was really nice to have. It gets lonely only seeing the same people every single day. 

Yes, the school work seems a lot easier to complete with all this time, but it means less social interaction. I would much rather be at school and learning all this than stuck at home all the time and I bet most of you agree. It is definitely a lot easier to learn things being in class than at home on your computer.