E-Learning: High School vs Middle School vs Elementary School

E-Learning: High School vs Middle School vs Elementary School

Kasey Filler, Writer

We’ve officially done a full week of online school! In this past week we’ve gotten the chance to get set up a schedule for ourselves, so we can get done what we need to each day. Some may say we’ve been given too much work, while others may say they barely have any work at all. In my household we have at least one kid in every building, so I thought it would be interesting to see what each one of my siblings days look like in comparison to each other.

Explain your online school day

Kendyl (Elementary)- “For the first week all we did was Math and Reading. Now we are doing Social Studies and Science. We have two subjects a day.”

Kale (6th grade)- ” I start with Social Studies, then Math, then Science, then I finish with ELA. I have a google meet on Monday with Social Studies, Thursday with Science, and Friday with Math.”

Kamryn (8th grade)- “I wake up and get on classroom to check what I have for each class that day.”

(Sophomore)- “Wake up at 8 watch tik tok, log into school around 9, look on classroom to see what work I have to do for the day.”

How long does it usually take you to finish school for the day?

Kendyl (Elementary)- “An hour to an hour and a half.”

Kale (6th grade)- “I usually start at 9 and end at like 11:30, so 2 and a half hours.”

Kamryn (8th grade)- “It usually take me like an hour n a half to two hours.”

(Sophomore)- “I usually start around 9 and finish between 12 and 1.”

What’s your favorite part about online classes?

Kendyl (Elementary)- “When we get to do the class meets on the computers.”

Kale (6th grade)- “Google Meets.”

Kamryn (8th grade)- “Being able to do it on my own time.”

(Sophomore)- “Being able to complete things at my own pace and listen to music while doing school.”

What’s your least favorite part about online classes?

Kendyl (Elementary)- “Science, I hate science in real class too so.”

Kale (6th grade)- “All the homework we get.”

Kamryn (8th grade)- “I don’t get to see my friends.”

(Sophomore)- “Not being able to see my friends everyday and having to make my own lunch.”

As you can see and probably expected High Schoolers have the most work out of all the schools. Although we all knew that was going to be the outcome of this it was still fun to compare and see what each one of their days looks like. Don’t forget school is still important! Do your work and keep your grades up! Hopefully we’ll be back in school soon.