Turkey Season


Tori Werkheiser, Writer

These past two weekends, March 28 & 29 and April 4 & 5, have been youth turkey season. Meaning kids under the age of 18 can go hunt turkeys, only if they have the classified requirements. In fact, there are a few students from Orion High School that participate in this type of hunting. Specifically, Walker Werkheiser. I asked him a few question about his turkey hunting experiences. The questions asked and his responds are below:

Q: How many years have you been turkey hunting? How many years have you been hunting in general?

A: ” I have been turkey hunting for around 4 years and hunting in general since I was 8.”

Q: What all do you hunt?

A: “I hunt deer, turkeys, ducks, and geese.”

Q: What do you think the purpose of hunting turkeys is?

A: ” For fun and for the meat.”

Q: What’s the biggest turkey you have killed?

A: “My most recent one that weighed 20 lbs that had an 11 inch beard and an inch and a half speers.”

Q: What is your most memorable turkey hunt you have had? Why?

A: “My very first hunt because I didn’t have much experience, but I was still able to kill my first turkey on my first hunt.”

Q: Who taught you how to turkey hunt?

A: ” My dad’s best friend, Bob, and YouTube.”

Q: Where do you turkey hunt?

A: “I hunt on private property that is in between Andover and Cambridge.”

Q: What do you use to kill the turkeys?

A: “Mossberg 835”