Deeper Meanings in Disney Movies

Deeper Meanings in Disney Movies

Desi Goddard, Writer

Since I don’t seem to have anything better to do, I’ve watched a lot of Disney movies recently. I have realized that many of them have really deep meanings that you might not have realized.

“Inside Out” – Depression and Mental Health: The main character in this movie is Riley. Her and her family move to San Francisco and that’s when all the bad stuff starts to happen. She becomes super depressed and is trying to hide her feelings from her parents. Sadness, a character in the movie who is in her head, becomes very active and tries to take over everything. Joy, another emotion character, tries to keep Sadness suppressed by locking her in a circle. Things happen and Sadness and Joy disappear, causing Riley to not feel anything and she slips into a deeper depression. This movie shows how depression progresses and how it destroys people. I think this is a really good movie for kids and to show them its okay to not be happy all the time and to accept the emotions you feel.

“Lilo and Stitch” – Child Custody and Loss: Lilo and Nani have lost their parents so now they are orphaned and Nani has to take care of Lilo. Lilo acts out and misbehaves a lot and she does this because she’s still grieving. This adds to Nanis lost of things she has to take care of, on top of her job and trying to keep custody of Lilo. Social services get involved and make things very difficult. This movie shows how hard it is to deal with child custody, a broken family, and how children struggle with recovering from a loss. There are also beautiful lessons, like, being kind and to trust others. And the obvious one, “Ohana means family, and family means, nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

“Finding Dory” – Mental Impairment: This one is a bit more obvious. Dory suffers from short term memory loss. She is swept away, losing her parents. She is lost and has no idea who she is. This is a problem that people with amnesia disorder deal with. This helps us better understand this disorder. Dory also meets other characters with mental illnesses. Hank, who is an octopus, suffers from depression. Bailey, a whale, has severe anxiety. This movies shows kids to acceptance of mental illnesses and can encourage people to overcome their differences.

While in quarantine, watch some movies and try to think of the deeper meanings. It’s fun and you may learn something.