Quarantine Thoughts from a Senior

Quarantine Thoughts from a Senior

Lauren Handley, Writer

Not all of you actually know me and that’s okay. You can read my article to get a look into the life of me as a senior who is in quarantine and just wants to go back to school and do all the things I miss the most. I am so tired of being home and not seeing the people who can always make my day so much better. With this quarantine in a way, it has put me in a slump and I am sure plenty of you are feeling the same way.

Every day is practically the same and they are all starting to blur together slowly and I am slowly losing my mind if I am completely honest. When I heard about the school shutting down I could not believe it and all I wanted was for it to not be true. When we went to school that Monday It was crazy; we were gathering everything to take home and it just still was a shock to me. 

Here is how my aspect is different from everyone else’s: I am a senior so this is my last year at Orion so that day well could have been one of the last times I would be able to do anything in that school. Every day I am just hoping to go back so that I can work on my second ceiling tile for art that lies incomplete in the back of the classroom or to go and do esports practice with my friends at the school instead of doing it alone at home with them over the internet. It is the worst feeling in the world. 

All I really want is to be able to attend my senior prom and trip and go to after prom with my friends because those are supposed to make your senior year. When I heard the possibility of them being canceled I was really upset because my friends and I have been waiting for these all year making plans for them to make them the best, but with this thrown into the mix, it can ruin all of this.

All I can say is I hope for this quarantine to end soon even though I know that there is a good possibility it won’t, but a girl can dream, right? I want to be able to laugh and be with my friends goofing off in Mr. Lister’s room one last time with the esports kids who have become my family and to say goodbye to the place that shaped me into the person I am. I really miss talking to Mrs. Cline about the books we read on a daily basis because those chats are so fun to have and having fun with Mrs. Jensen because I always have some weird thing to share and laugh with her about. I also miss being in Spanish with Profe doing something that is always interesting and fun. I really just want to have one last chance to make my senior year something fun and have more moments to remember besides the Coronavirus.