How to be a BOSS at e-learning


Mary Mount, Writer

These next few weeks are going to be very weird and it can be very hard to change up your normal schedule, so here are a few tips I have that may help you with getting through this online schooling smoothly. 

    1. Keep a schedule: You don’t need to wake up at 7 like normal, but setting an alarm at the same time every morning and starting school work at a certain time can help with not procrastinating and will help you from getting behind. 
    2. Take a break: If you are doing hours and hours of homework your brain can become fried and you can become stressed to be done and rush your homework. There is nothing wrong with taking a break halfway through. You can always go get a snack or watch an episode on Netflix, then return to work after. 
    3. Listen to music: Music is a great way to relax. Not only after your work but listening to study music can help you focus and it can keep you from turning on the tv which is very distracting during homework. 
    4. Keep active: A great way to clear your mind after you are done with all your schoolwork is to go on a walk. Lately, it has been very nice out and staying active is great for you instead of just being a couch potato. If you feel inclined to you can always go on a run which always relieves stress, but if you want to relax a walk is a great way to do that. Another option is to go take a bike ride.  All of these are great ways to get through your day. Everyone is different, so do what works for you and ENJOY THESE DAYS.