Stress Awareness Month


Bianca Schnerre, writer

April starts off a new month and it is observed as Stress Awareness Month. Since 1992 Stress Awareness Month has been an ongoing campaign of awareness and education all about stress. Covid-19 more well known as the coronavirus has sparked a lot of panic, worry, and ultimately stress throughout the nation. During this unprecedented time stress is certainly present within us and many others affecting our communities, and it is impacting our ways of living. In the news lately all we have been hearing about is the coronavirus and it mostly bears bad news. Stress can be challenging to manage for many, but it is best if we try and find ways to cope with our stress with healthy outlets. An easy way to de-stress during this chaotic time could be to minimize the amount of news you watch or just turn to a different type of entertainment completely if it’s too overbearing for you. If you’re looking to still watch news a good place to go is on Youtube to SomeGoodNews with John Krasinski where they only talk about good news! Besides trying to avoid the stress that the news can bring a few highly suggested outlets to dealing with stress are exercising, reading, and meditating.

There are a lot of different thoughts, opinions, and feelings about stress and the proper ways to manage it. A TED Talk called “How to make stress your friend” with speaker Kelly McGonigal, a psychologist, urges us to view stress as a positive. McGonigal also talks about the hormone oxytocin also well known as the cuddle hormone. McGonigal talks about how oxytocin makes you crave physical contact with your friends and family and how many people don’t realize oxytocin is a stress hormone. If we started viewing stress as positive it would most likely be something new to us, and it would give us a new perspective on our daily lives. To view the TED talk to learn even more about stress click here.