What to Watch While Stuck at Home


Kasey Filler, Writer

With all this free time you’re probably getting bored and don’t know what to do. We’re already over two weeks into our break and you’ve probably finished all your shows you were hooked on, but never had time to finish because of school. Aside from the news there hasn’t been much on actual TV, so good thing there are things like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus to keep you occupied. Also, if you’re family doesn’t have any of these things there’s SO much stuff on Youtube to watch. Tori made a similar story to this a couple weeks ago, so go to her article to see the shows and movies she recommended. DISCLAIMER: Don’t spend all your time in your bed watching Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus; do your school work, if it’s nice out go on a walk, or hangout with your family.


-All American

-Criminal Minds

-Grey’s Anatomy

-The Good Place

-The Vampire Diaries

-13 Reasons Why

-The Office


Disney Plus

-The Mandalorian

-All Marvel Movies

-Cloud 9


-Hannah Montana

-Shake it Up

-Raven’s Home

-That’s so Raven

-Good Luck Charlie

-Frozen 2


-Brooklyn Nine-Nine

-The Good Doctor

-Chicago P.D.

-The Good Place

-Chicago Fire

-Parks and Rec

-Fixer Upper


-Hannah Meloche (Vlogs)

-Jatie Vlogs

-The LaBrant Family

-Anna Heid

-Lauren Snyder

-Ava Jules

-Kenna Marie

-Jaclyn Brooke

I hope you can find that you like some of these shows and movies. I haven’t watched all of them, but I’ve either heard that they’re good or I have watched them myself. I hope everyone is having a good break! Don’t forget, please do your school work and don’t just lock yourself in your room. Go talk to your family, go outside; get some fresh air every once in awhile.