Extended Spring Break Video Competition

Extended Spring Break Video Competition

Sara Kershaw, Scarlet Ink Sponsor

Hey everyone! It’s been three days since we left OHS, and I’m already ready to see all of your faces again. So, I am hosting a video competition in an effort to share some laughs and help the community. The concept is simple: you guys make some videos that promote a positive attitude toward distance learning for our CR Hanna students, send them to me, and I’ll share them with the community. Every video you send in gives you the chance to make a kid smile and enters you for a chance to win prizes.

And what are these prizes, you ask? They will come in the form of gift cards and food orders from local Orion businesses. This is our way of supporting businesses that continue to support our sports teams, clubs, and organizations that now need our help to get through this weird, weird time in history.

Need an example? Here you are! Think you can be more entertaining than me? Prove it!

So take a look through the info, plan a video, and send it our way. The deadline to enter is MONDAY, March 23 at 4 p.m.


… and don’t hesitate to email Mrs. Kershaw with any questions. Happy filming!