Why the Coronavirus Shouldn’t be Treated as a Joke


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Blood sample with respiratory coronavirus positive

Madison Hanson, Writer

*BTW there are absolutely no confirmed cases in the Quad Cities*

The coronavirus has recently been declared a global pandemic by the CDC and the White House. Within the past 24-48 hours, the whole idea of this went from crazy to crazy scary. Firstly, a lot of the schools in our area are talking about the possibility of shutting down and while our school is not currently shut down, it’s still a possibility.

Yesterday, I had to work and was able to do very little besides take out registers and the trash. This is all due to the fact that we had people coming in non-stop buying water, canned goods, toilet paper, you name it. Whether people joke about this or not, a lot of people are ultimately taking this seriously and they should be.

According to the CDC, people in high risk groups include: Older adults, people with heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease. While we as students may not be in high risk, the people around us might and it’s important to take this seriously and take the right precautions. Just because you don’t think it can hurt you doesn’t mean it can’t be hurt or even be fatal to the people around.

Not to mention, if we don’t keep up proper hygiene (like washing + sanitizing your hands and covering coughs/sneezes) then it could potentially lead to the cancellation of school and athletic events or even prom/graduation.

Also, JB Pritzker announced that he’s not closing schools and that it is up to the individual counties and health departments. Plus Trump has come into contact with a Brazilian aid who tested positive for the coronavirus but Trump is refusing to be tested.

In general though, we as students most likely will not die and also probably won’t even get it as long as we take care of ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚