Netflix Origional: Love is Blind

Netflix Origional: Love is Blind

Mary Mount, Writer

Netflix created their own reality-tv show, known as Love is Blind. This shows is an experiment to see if you can truly fall in love with someone within 8 days, without seeing them in person. This experiment is too see if Love is truly blind and does not involve the physical looks needed to keep someone. The show focuses on 6 main couples that make it to engagements and seeing each other in person.

So, how does the show work? First, the contestants going on about 15 blind dates to see who they click with first. The dates are in rooms that they call, pods. These pods are two separate rooms that are only separated by a thin wall. The contestants can only hear the other. After finding someone they click with, they are allowed to spend many hours together getting to know each other. After several days of this, the women wait to see if the men will propose to them behind a wall without getting to see them first.

After agreeing to get engaged, the couples now get to see each other in person and can choose to stay or leave if they don’t like what they see.

If the couple stays together, they then go to Mexico for a week to work on their physical connection and work anything out in person. After this they will go back home to move in together for two weeks and meet each others family.

At the very end of the 4 weeks the couple stands in front of all their loved ones and either says “I do,” or “I don’t.”

The thrill and drama from all the member keeps you very invested. I watched this myself in two days. Wanting to know what will happen next with the couples and who ends up with who will keep you binging all day.