The Bachelor Finale


Kasey Filler, Writer

There were two episodes for the finale. One aired on Monday night and the other on Tuesday night.

On Monday night’s episode we saw Hannah Ann meet Peter’s parents for the first time and Madison sees his parents again. When Hannah Ann met Peter’s family for the first time all she wanted to be able to do is show them how much she loves Peter. Peter’s parents saw how much Hannah Ann loves him and they loved her for that. His parents think Hannah Ann is perfect for him. The next day Madison and Peter went to talk to Peter’s parents. Since this was the first time Peter and Madison had seen each other since the last rose ceremony they had a lot to talk about before going in to talk with Peter’s parents. It was a very difficult conversation, but they had to have it before they were among Peter’s parents. Madison ended up telling Peter she’s in love with him during that conversation. After 3 hours they finally made it to meet with Peter’s family. Peter and Madison weren’t as sure of their relationship at the moment compared to Hannah Ann and Peter, and Peter’s parents picked up on that. After Madison left, Peter talked with his family and they all said Hannah Ann is the perfect one for him. Peter disagreed with them. The next day Madison and Peter went on their final date. Madison’d thought had been influenced by what Peter’s family said about her and their relationship. Peter’s family said they’re too different and they won’t last outside of this show. This made Madison really think and question her and Peter’s relationship. On their date Madison actually ends up breaking up with Peter and she goes home. This means Hannah Ann is the only one left so no matter what he has to choose her. The next day when Peter and Hannah Ann go on their date he doesn’t tell her Madison is gone. She still thinks that he is choosing between both of them, and Hannah Ann thinks he’s going to pick Madison.

Tuesday night’s episode

Hannah Ann thinks he’s going to pick Madison so, she almost doesn’t show up to the rose ceremony. When she gets there Peter lies straight to her face telling her she’s the best person ever and he loves her so much when really he’s still in love with Madison. A month goes by, Hannah Ann and Peter are still engaged, but Peter still lives in LA and Hannah Ann still lives in Tennessee. They haven’t seen each other in a month, so Hannah Ann finally goes out to LA to see Peter. Peter ends up breaking up with Hannah Ann because he hasn’t gotten over Madison yet. Once Chris Harrison finds out about Peter and Hannah’s break up he flies out to Auburn to talk to Madison. Madison confesses that she still loves Peter and hasn’t gotten over her feelings for him. She flies out to LA and surprises Peter. Peter and Madison talk all of their things through. They’re trying to work everything out and see how their relationship goes outside of reality TV.