Why we Should All Love Frankie Muniz


Madison Hanson, Writer

So, when I was a kid I was kind of weird, not super weird, but like child weird. I very vividly remember having a huge crush on Frankie Muniz from Agent Cody Banks and Malcolm in the Middle, I just loved everything about him, and recently I discovered some interesting stuff about him. First off, Frankie Muniz is a race car driver, not only that but he owns his own olive oil shop. Also the absolute worst of all, he literally does not remember most of his life.

Frankie Muniz was on Malcolm in the Middle for roughly 6 years of his life and remembers so little of it that he feels like it’s not even him on the show. Although lil Frankie doesn’t feel sad about it, it’s still a struggle. When Muniz was younger he suffered 9 concussions and has also had multiple mini-strokes. While he lost his memory and has to write down the stuff him and his wife do together 50 First Dates style, he’s never asked doctors about his memory loss and doesn’t know what causes it.

Frankie Muniz was also on Dancing With the Stars and placed 3rd overall, and got a 30 in Contemporary and Argentine Tango. So, now all of you know this, I hope you can learn to love Frankie Muniz and his weird life and multiple different careers as much as I do.