Beginning of Spring Sports

Beginning of Spring Sports

Tori Werkheiser, Writer

Now that the winter sports have came to an end, the spring sports are about to be in full swing. There are four spring sports that the OHS students can participate in. These sports are softball, baseball, girls soccer, and track. In a week or so, these sports will have their first games of the season, except for track. The track team has already had an indoor meet. These four sports are going to have successful seasons and we wish them the best of luck this year.

First off, the baseball season. The boys started their practices on Monday, March 2nd. They have about two weeks to get ready and prepared for their first game. On Tuesday, March 17th the Orion baseball team hits the road to take on their first game. They play the Ridgewood Spartans. Varsity will be first starting at 4:30pm and JV will be after at around 6:30pm.

Next, the softball season. They have been practicing and getting ready just like baseball. The girls started practice on Monday, March 2nd as well. The Orion softball team has their first game on Tuesday, March 17th too. It is a home game against Galesburg. Varsity will start at 4:30 and JV after.

Third, is girls soccer. They have also been putting in time to get ready for their first game. They have a united team with Sherrard. Their first game is on Thursday, March 19th. It will be home against Alleman.

Finally, track. They have already started their season with a indoor track meet at St. Ambrose. They have another indoor meet on Tuesday, March 17th starting at 4:00pm.

As these springs sports start their seasons, make sure you go out and support them!