C2E2 Part Two

C2E2 Part Two

Lauren Handley, Writer

Over the weekend I spent my time in Chicago. I spent 3 days at the convention that I explained in my last article. It was really fun to see all the cosplay that people were doing and look at everything that was being sold. This convention was definitely huge, there was so much to see and do, and I really enjoyed seeing all the booths.


My favorite area was definitely the area with all the anime merchandise, or Artist Alley, where artists sold their art. I myself bought quite a few prints from Artist Alley and I adore all of them so much. Everyone in that area was so talented and I love supporting other artists, so I was happy to buy their art and I have yet to put any of it up since I got home last night around nine-thirty.


Also depending on what day you go, there could be more or fewer people. Friday was definitely the best day because most people were at work or school so the convention was not as crowded whereas Saturday was packed and it felt like you could barely move and you were constantly having to say excuse me or I am sorry in order to get through. Sunday happened to be in the middle. It was not too crazy, but it was still a little crowded in areas.


Another thing to consider is for panels, you want to be there early because they do fill up fast. The My Hero Academia Q&A panel was definitely full. I was thankful that I got there early so that I could get a good view, but even if you are in the back there is a giant screen so that you can still see the people on stage so that was very helpful.


Overall, it was a fun experience and if you love anime, comics, video games, and other pop culture this is the place for you. There were so many cool things to buy and look at and it was definitely worth all the money spent on it. I enjoyed this experience and if you are anything like me with the love of all these things then you would surely have a great time.