Spring Musical: Little Shop of Horrors

Spring Musical: Little Shop of Horrors

Emily Houdyshell, Writer

This spring, the Orion Drama Club will be presenting the musical Little Shop of Horrors. Little Shop of Horrors is a musical about Seymour, a poor, meek flower shop assistant; a talking, flesh-eating plant Seymour finds and names Audrey 2; and Audrey, a girl who works at the same shop as Seymour and has an abusive boyfriend. The musical will be performed next Thursday the 12th at 7p.m. and next Saturday the 14th at 2p.m. The large roles consist of the following:

Drew DeKeyrel as Seymour,

Hannah Passno as Audrey,

Nathan Tapscott as the voice of Audrey 2,

Maxwell Johnson as Mushnik,

Ryan Dondanville as Orin,

and Catie Johnson, Molly Vestal, and Katelyn Border as the Doo-Wop Girls, Ronette, Chiffon, and Crystal.

Other actors include Maggie Nedved, Joe Hogan, Lily Moen, Brandon Houdyshell, Noelle Carlson, Joey Foley, Haley Marshall, Madison Greenwood, and Lauren Dobbels.

Musicals take lot of work, so there are also a large number of tech members to help out, including Olivia Farwell, Tim Nissen, and Liz Wilbur as puppeteers for Audrey 2; D.J. Battin, Logan Gass, Wyatt Reed, and Noah Seys as lights and sound crew; and Emily Canterbury, Derik Jungwirth, Kara Reed, Nadine Boos, Emily Houdyshell, Leah Manning, Ariauna Kluk-Jones, Ashlin Zufall, and Jayden Smith as costume and general backstage crew.

The actors, directors, crew, and pit have all been working very hard to help this show come together and be as fun and entertaining as possible, so if you have the time, stop by to see the performances next week!