The Bachelor: Hometowns


Kasey Filler, Writer

This week on the bachelor was the hometowns episode. Hometowns happen when there are 4 girls left and the bachelor (Peter) goes to see where each girl grew up. On this episode the girls will have activities planned for the day that they can do with Peter to show him where they grew up and just show him a bit more about where they come from. After their day of activities each of the girls take Peter to their parents house to have dinner with their family. This is the first time Peter meet each of the girl’s family.

Hannah Ann

Hannah Ann is from Knoxville, Tennessee. For their day activity Hannah and Peter went to an ax throwing place.  (I started watching this episode late so I don’t know many details from the day portion of Hannah Ann’s hometown.) Peter arrives at Hannah’s house and there they have dinner with her family. Hannah’s dad pulls Peter aside to talk to him about his relationship with Hannah. Her dad is pretty harsh with Peter and asks him a lot of tough questions. Peter tells him he’s falling in love with Hannah Ann. He responds and asks Peter not to tell Hannah that until he’s completely sure of it.


Kelsey lives in Des Moines, Iowa. Kelsey takes Peter to a winery where they stomp on grapes and make their own wine. When Peter goes to her house for dinner Kelsey tells him that she’s falling in love with him right before he walks in to meet her parents. Kelsey tells her mom she’s in love with Peter, so her mom is very scared for Kelsey considering there are still other girls dating him, too. When Kelsey’s mom talks to Peter she begs him not to break Kelsey’s heart.


Madison is from Auburn, Alabama. Her dad is an assistant coach for the Auburn University Men’s Basketball team. She also won 4 state championships in high school, so basketball is a huge part of her life. Madison took Peter to Auburn University, and beat him in a 1 v 1 basketball game in Auburn Arena. Later that day when her parents met Peter they were mostly concerned that Peter doesn’t have the same values as Madison. They also think this might be going too fast. That night before Peter left he told Madison he’s in love with her, but Madison didn’t say it back.


Victoria is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. On the day portion of the date Victoria took Peter to an “Old Times” store. After they left that store she took him to a Hunter Hayes concert on the beach. When Peter was on his way to the car he saw one of his ex girlfriends. She knows Victoria and wants to warn him about her. She says Victoria is known for breaking up relationships and she has a bad reputation. As soon as Peter arrives to Victoria’s house he asks Victoria about the things he heard. Victoria freaks out on Peter, they get into a huge fight, and Peter ends up leaving before meeting her family. The next morning Victoria goes to Peter’s hotel to apologize and he forgives her, even though this isn’t the first time this has happened. Not only that but she basically admitted to what he heard being true.

The rose ceremony is ridiculous. Peter gives Hannah Ann and Madison the first two roses as expected. Only having one rose left it would only make sense to give it to Kelsey, but since when does Peter make decisions that are actually good for him. He gives the last rose to Victoria and sends Kelsey home.