Review: TATBILB 2

Review: TATBILB 2

Riley Filler, Writer

If you fell in love with Peter Kavinsky in the first movie, like I did, you’ve probably watched the sequel to To All The Boys I Loved Before. It has been highly anticipated by many people and now has been followed by the making of the third movie to the trilogy. Since it’s such a popular new movie, there are many opinions on it so I’m going to share mine.

The basis of the movie is continuing Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship from being fake to being real and all the challenges that come with it. A problem that comes up because of Lara Jean’s letters is John Ambrose McClaren, another boy Lara Jean sent a love letter to. He writes her back and Lara Jean begins to think she has feelings for him. This is due to the fact that Peter has been talking a lot with his ex girlfriend.

I believe that Lara Jean questions her relationship with Peter throughout the movie because she is insecure about herself. This is prevalent in the fact that she continuosly compares herself to Gen, Peter’s ex girlfriend. She also questions how Peter feels about her, despite his very obvious actions to show his love for her. In the later part of the movie, you even learn that he talks about Lara Jean to Gen.

I still love Peter Kavinsky as much as I did in the first movie and enjoy the new relationship between Chris and Trevor, Peter and Lara Jean’s best friends. I like John Ambrose McClaren, but not the fact that he tries to break Peter and Lara Jean up.