Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

Mary Mount, Writer

This time of the year seems to be a time for the flu to spread. I have some tips that will help keep you out of that trouble. Missing school to be sick may sound nice until you have to make up all that schoolwork. Staying healthy will help to avoid that issue and will keep you in a better mindset.

1. Washing your hands

The simplest thing of washing your hands after using the bathroom or pumping gas can help with riding the bacteria shared through that contact. Also avoiding touching your face or sharing drinks can prevent spreading bacteria. These are all ways of avoiding spreading germs.

2. Get enough sleep

Making sure you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep can help prevent getting sick. When you get enough sleep it helps to keep your immune system up, which is what fights off diseases.

3. Exercise daily

Exercising is a very important part of keeping yourself healthy. Taking just 20 minutes out of your day to get a good workout is a very good thing for not only your physical health but also mental. There are many positive things to working out your body including boosting your immune system.

4. Eating Well

Having sweets from time to time is okay it just all depends on how much. You can eat whatever you want but to a certain level. If you want some cake, then have a slice and not the whole cake. Just making sure you have some sort of fruit and vegetable incorporated in your meals will make a big difference. These foods keep you fuller longer and have good sugars and fats that will give you energy. Also with this, you should try to take a daily vitamin with your breakfast. These will give you many essentials you need that you may be low on.