Astros Cheating Scandal


Eli Kayser, Editor

During the MLB offseason, there have been many controversies surrounding the Houston Astros organization, and there is still new information coming in.

It was found that during their World Series winning season of 2017, the Astros were stealing signs from pitchers and communicating these signs to the players before going up to bat. In the aftermath, Astros manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow were fired and given a one year ban. Also, former Astros bench coach Alex Cora and outfielder Carlos Beltran were fired from their managerial jobs for their part in the controversy. Cora is supposedly the ringleader of the whole thing, and there was some speculation as to whether or not he would receive a lifetime ban from the MLB.

Since then, many MLB players from other teams have voiced their concerns with the players getting out of this scott-free. Many believe they should receive harsher punishments, or that their World Series title should be revoked. Among those angered is Angels star Mike Trout. Trout said that he “lost respect” for people he considered friends and how this whole situation was “sad for baseball”.

Throughout this controversy, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has not made many people happy. First, he granted the Astros players immunity, meaning they can’t be punished. Secondly, he called the World Series trophy just a “piece of metal” which angered players, namely Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner. Turner said in an interview that he didn’t know if the commissioner had won anything in his life, and how every player was playing specifically for that trophy.

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