Things That Absolutely Boggle my Mind


Madison Hanson, Writer

So, I’ve realized that there’s a lot in this world that I don’t really understand. While I’m completely fine with not understanding stuff, I also just really want to know if anyone else is ridiculously confused by stupid things like this.

Things that keep me up at night:

– The Tooth Fairy

I consider the tooth fairy to be one of the scariest things in the world. Why does she want my teeth? Why is she paying me for them? How is my tooth only worth like $2 but dentures cost thousands? So many questions.

-Sandy from Spongebob

She’s literally a squirrel, how does she think it’s a good idea to go to bikini bottom? Also how’d she build a little squirrel space and how safe is it? Where does she get oxygen tanks so she can breathe?

-19 Kids and Counting

Who has more than like 3 kids? I feel like 2 kids would be my limit because that sounds exhausting, but like 19 kids?? Like that’s not even a family anymore, that’s a full-time career, you could start a small school with only your kids.

-Fight Club

You could argue that every character in this movie doesn’t actually exist and while you would technically be wrong, you can also just say “Hey it’s just a theory”.

-The finale of How I Met Your Mother

Ted tells his kids a tragic but heart-warming story about how he fell in love with their mother and how he wished he met her sooner, and that he wished he stopped chasing after all the wrong girls like Robin, Stella, and Victoria. Then after he talks about how she died and how he was very sad about it, his kids just disregard that and they’re all like “Oh my God, you’re in love with Aunt Robin” He just poured his whole heart and life story out to you and that’s your response??


Eggs and bunnies don’t go together.


They taste the same way a dusty attic smells.

-People who hate ice cream

While ice cream probably isn’t my favorite snack in the world, I would choose it over cake any day. Also it’s so customizable and there’s so many unique flavors and ice cream shops around the world, it’s just so versatile.

Anyway, I have a lot more that I could complain about but let me know if any of you have stuff that confuse and upset you, I’d love to know what you agree or disagree on ;))