A weekend in the Life of Taylor kimball


Mary Mount, writer

I decided that this weekend I was going to follow my friend, Taylor Kimball, to see what her daily routine on a weekend is. I told her to act like I didn’t exist, except for when I asked her questions of course. The days I will be asking about are Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

       Friday night Taylor started with basketball practice from after school until 5. After, Taylor headed to the boy’s basketball game in Rockridge. Following this, she went to Whitey’s to experience a very awkward encounter.

Q: How did basketball go?

A: “Good, it went a little longer than I thought it would tho.”

Q: Do you usually go to all the boy’s games?

A: “Yes, I usually always go because my brother, Cole, plays JV.”

Q: How was there an awkward experience at Whitey’s?

A: “Well there was a boy that seemed to be under the influence that got very uncomfortably close to me and my friends.” 

Saturday started early in the morning with basketball again. Then that followed with the grocery store. Taylor finally came home and got ready and went to dye her hair at Morgan’s. Then, Saturday night she went to the Northpark mall with her friends and then went to Whitey’s again to see if anything weird would happen again. After this, she finally returned home to go to bed. 

Q: Is dying your hair a “normal” weekend event?

A: “Not at all. I wasn’t even gonna participate, but then Morgan made me.

Q: Did anything else happen at whitey’s?

A: “Sadly no, there was a guy that was a little sketchy, but he was nowhere near the other boy.”

Sunday morning Taylor woke up bright and early to attend Heritage church with her friends. After she went home to take her brother to get a haircut. Taylor told me this is a normal Sunday for her. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about going to Heritage with your friends?

 A:”I really enjoy the loving and welcoming environment.”