Best of the Best: Social Media


Riley Filler

Social media is something that consumes our daily lives and has even become an addiction for some people. According to, more than 3.5 billion people use any type of social media worldwide. Users also spend an average of 3 hours daily on different kinds of social media and messaging apps. With many people using these kinds of apps daily, people pick their favorites. Below are people expressing their love for their favorite app and why it’s their fav:

“Snapchat, it’s the easiest way to talk to my friends or people who’s numbers I don’t have.”-Mary Mount

“Snapchat because it’s quick and easy to communicate with my friends. I also like that you can send pictures to your friends, it’s fun.”- Morgan Schroeder

“Snapchat, (it’s an) easy way to communicate and share memories.”- Avery Noble

“Twitter because it is really funny and a good source of news.”- Nikki Taets

“Twitter, that’s where I find a majority of funny content on the internet.”- Ryan Dondanville

“Instagram because it steals content from every other media cite so it’s basically all the best things combined.”- Madison Hanson

“Instagram because it’s easy to keep up with friends and celebrities.”- Bianca Schnerre

“Discord, dere be dark memes dere.”- Kian Pfannenstiel

“Agreed(with Kian).”- Eli Kayser and Allen Catour

“Instagram because I can see what all my friends and celebrities are up to.”- Anika Duhs

“Snapchat because if you want to send out a message to multiple people, you can post it for everyone to see.”- Kinslee Whitcomb

“TikTok because there’s a lot of cute puppies, but it’s a time waster also.”- Kodilynn Kurrle

“I like to be on Instagram more than Facebook because there’s only happy things on there.”- Mrs. Kershaw