Hydro Flask Vs. Yeti

Hydro Flask Vs. Yeti

Mary Mount, Writer

              Throughout my school day, I have heard many arguments of whether the Hydro Flask 32 oz stainless steel bottle or Yeti’s stainless steel 36 oz bottle is better. Today I am here to find that out which is better; I do have a Hydro flask, but that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters….is the facts. (Which are provided by me, Mary because no other facts are correct.)

          First, size-wise the Yeti can hold more, but there could also be a space problem with that. Most yetis, unless they have a smaller base, cannot fit into most car cup holders. Meanwhile, the Hydro Flask will not fit in every cup holder, it fits in mine and that’s all that matters. Also, it can fit into the side pockets of bags very nicely.

          Secondly, “the look.” This may be very important to many people, especially girls. The Hydro Flask is known to be “vsco” or trendy which is why many people want them. The yeti just isn’t a look, the sleek look of the Hydro Flask seems to attract more people than the chunky, industrial look of the Yeti.

          Lastly, the most important part for many people is the cost. The cost of a 26 oz Yeti comes out to $40.00, while the cost of a 32 oz Hydro Flask comes out to $40.00 as well. This shows that you get more bang for your buck.

          So, overall we can see that the Hydro flask is obviously better. There is no doubt about it. The cost is better, the look is better, and the size is perfect to carry around. I would recommend going out and getting yourself an adorable Hydro Flask for daily use. 

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