Cuban Man Becomes the Sixth to Die in Ice Custody


Ryan Dondanville, writer

As of a few days ago, a Cuban immigrant has officially been declared the sixth victim to die this year in ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) custody. The man, whose name hasn’t been released to the public, died the 27th of January in a Florida Hospital, his death likely caused by cardiac arrest according to an anonymous source. The administration is close to surpassing the death toll of last years eight deaths, and the year has barely begun. Ice originally arrested him after being found guilty of theft, sentenced to fifteen days in jail. He first came to America in 1980, but four years later he had been convicted of felony heroin charges and aggravated assault with a weapon, which landed him ten years in prison.


Two days prior, on the Saturday before the 27th, ICE had also announced that another immigrant of british origin, Ben James Owen, had also died in ICE custody at the Baker County Detention Center in Macclenny, Florida. The stated cause of death was self-inflicted strangulation. However, the cause of death is still under investigation according to ICE. Owen had entered the U.S. in early July of 2019 on a temporary visa. Later on he had also been arrested on charges including aggravated stalking, domestic assault, violating the conditions of his pretrial release, and more. After he had been released from criminal custody on the 15th of January, Ice immediately took action by placing him in deportation proceedings. Back in December, an investigation began over the medical care immigrants were receiving. There were various reports of detainees receiving wrong medication, and improper medical treatment. How many more detained immigrants have to die before serious reform is brought to our Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

For more details, check out this source reporting on these unfortunate events: