Exploiting People’s Weird Habits

Madison Hanson, Writer

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So, throughout the years I’ve realized that there’s a lot of people around me that do some really weird things but they just do it so often that they don’t think it’s weird. Not to mention I grew up watching TLC a lot and was often exposed to things like My Strange Addiction and these always seemed to know what they were doing was weird but they never really wanted to stop which I think says a lot about the show itself considering they don’t try to help them.

But this got me thinking, what weird things do people in our school do?  I’ve realized that my weirdest habit is that anyone I get nervous practicing speeches and stuff that I dance, I discovered this today when I started moon-walking while I was practicing my Poetry Out Loud poem.

But I decided to ask a couple people what weird things they do:

Mrs. Cline: “Every night before I go to bed, I have to play this specific solitaire game to calm me down”

Suveah: “I chew on everything, I’ve been chewing on this straw all morning”

Mrs Kershaw: “When I eat chicken nuggets I have to dip each of my nuggets and fries one time in ketchup and once in barbecue sauce. I also eat one fry at a time”

Jamie Hoxsey: “I have to watch either of the new It movies every night before bed, I watch them all the way through every night in order to sleep, I don’t know why”

Ella O: “I have to sleep with my socks on, and I eat the outside crust of cookies before I eat the center, I do the same thing with sandwiches”

So, as you can tell people in our school have some weird stuff, so if you ever feel like you do really weird things you’re probably not alone in that.