Why New Years Resolutions are Stupid

Why New Years Resolutions are Stupid

Madison Hanson, Writer

So, it’s 2020, a lot of us are growing up and it’s finally the end of the decade. With it being the new year, a lot of are probably coming up with big and small goals. Goals like lose weight, eat healthier, and crystal clear skin. Although, keeping with goals can be extremely hard and no one ever follows through with them. This has always bothered me a lot because as long as your goal isn’t impossible you should be able to follow through with it yet no one ever does.

So, in honor of all the forgotten and abandoned resolutions, let’s just stop making resolutions for the new year, let’s make that all our resolutions. I was originally going to make this article about what people’s resolutions are this year but the majority of responses are “I don’t have any, I think resolutions are stupid” so I’m already thinking some people are board with this.

In conclusion, while goals are important for self-growth, goals should be created throughout the new year and not right at the start as part of some weird “new year, new me” kind of trend. Not to mention “new year, new me” isn’t something that even promotes self-growth and acknowledgment of your past mistakes but rather is something often use to try and excuse or try to erase their past faults. This completely erases any point of resolutions and it’s dumb.

So, uhhhh let’s stop doing all this stuff, thank you.