The Bachelor: Week One Review

The Bachelor: Week One Review

Kasey Filler, Writer

WARNING: There might be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the first episode of the season and you plan on it continue reading at your own risk.

Disclaimer I know the second episode aired on Monday, but I haven’t gotten the chance to watch it yet. I’ll talk about episodes 2 & 3 next week.

Let’s start with introductions, of course some were better than others. My personal favorite was Alayah’s introduction. She gave him a note her Grandma had written for Peter before Alayah left for the show. Not only was this super sweet and cute, giving him a letter for them to read together meant that he would remember her and talk to her once he got in the mansion. The most unique introduction would have to go to Jenna. Jenna lives on a farm in Illinois, so she brought a cow. Bringing a cow is definitely different, but it was a little much for me. As expected there was a lot of women who made their introduction have something to do with planes or pilots.

On the first night Peter gives his first impression rose to Hannah Anne. Everyone could tell from the first time they got to sit down a talk in the mansion her and Peter had some kind of connection. After she got to talk to him once she just kept coming back, and that was annoying. Although she was a bit pushy she definitely deserved that first impression rose.

The next day they have their first group date. They go to a private airport to be tested to see if they have what it takes to be Peter’s “copilot.” They have to go in a turbulence simulator and Victoria P. throws up. They have an obstacle course and whoever wins gets to fly over LA during sunset with Peter. Kelley ends up winning the obstacle course and going with Peter, which goes so well. Kelley ends up getting the group date rose which was well deserved and a good choice by Peter.

The next day, Peter and Madison go on a one on one date. It’s the most perfect day. Peter’s parents were renewing their vows that day so he took here there and let me tell you, his mom loves her. after the ceremony they go eat dinner and Peters family shows up for a Tenille Arts concert. He of course gives Madison a rose by the end of the night. (Madison is definitely the front runner and everyone loves her)

At the end of the first episode Peter takes some of the girls out for the second group date of this season. Let’s just say it goes bad real fast. Hannah Brown is leading the group date, if you know anything about the Bachelor you know Peter was one of the final 3 on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette, which didn’t go well. She starts telling their story to the girls on the group date which is awkward already because they’re dating him they don’t want to hear about what he’s done with his ex girlfriend. Then once she’s done she goes off into a room and is crying. Peter goes to check in on her and she basically tells him she still loves him. The episode ends with him asking her if she wanted to be apart of his season of The Bachelor.

Come back to see what happens on episode 2 & 3 of Peter’s season of The Bachelor!!

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