They Broke Up.


Desi Goddard

Youtube star, Jeffree Star, and his boyfriend, Nate Schwandt broke up after 5 years of dating. On January 11th, he posted a 17 minute video explaining their breakup. “I’m starting this year off alone,” Star says as he explains how Schwandt didn’t enjoy being in the spotlight or being famous. Before Star put out his video, he canceled a big makeup class tour with MMMMichell. People were assuming that they had broken up and people were even putting out articles about how his mom had died. They indeed did breakup and Stars own family was reaching out to the media to leak information about their breakup. Fans have always been suspicious of their relationship because Schwandt came from no money and Jeffree was just starting his own business. Star now has a net worth of 200 million dollars. He was acting weird on the video Star posted about their new house tour. People believed Schwandt was using Star for money and fame. Star confirms that  Schwandt never wanted to be on camera because he wanted to be able to leave the house without anyone bothering him. He obviously couldn’t do that while dating Star because he has a very big appearance on social media.

Star and Schwandt are still good friends. He still comes to the house and hangs out with the 4 pomeranias they have left. They have had two dogs die since November. Jeffree has been through a lot with the dogs deaths and the break up. With Jeffree Star being different,  Schwandt was the only man to openly accept him and their relationship. Schwandt is Jeffrees true love and its very sad to hear that they aren’t together but people are glad to see them still friends.