Six Flags in December

Six Flags in December

Lauren Handley, Writer

You probably are thinking who would ever go to Six Flags in December. Well my family are season pass holders and needed to go pick up our 2020 season passes before the new year and the only way to get them was to go to the park. St Louis Six Flags actually are open until January first with the event of Holiday in the Park going on.

With the event it was decorated so pretty, they had lights up around the park, people dressed in Christmas attire, special treats to try, and of course a huge Christmas tree when you walk in. When my family entered the park we were greeted with carolers singing by the Christmas tree and it was a wonderful sight.

Now, here is the best part there was barely anyone there so you had zero waits for any of the rides. It was so cool you would be able to ride a ride over and over again with no wait. Now if you are cold they actually have fires going so that you can sit on the benches and warm up. Now, surprisingly it was in the sixties the day I went so it was actually decent weather and warmer than it was when my family went on opening day.

Finally, during this time you can also warm up with some hot cocoa that was being sold all around the park. You could also roast s’mores over the fires which are also very cool. Overall, I loved the experience and would recommend checking out St Louis Six Flags during the Christmas season and experience all this for yourself.