Girls Basketball Update

Kasey Filler, Writer

Right before Christmas break the girls basketball team played in Rockridge. The Fresh Soph team ended up losing in a very close game. Although they lost, the team played well and are excited to play them again. The varsity game was very exciting. They were losing all of the first half. By keeping the score close they were able to give themselves the opportunity to come back in the second half, and they ended up winning 38-33. This was a huge conference win for the varsity girls.

During winter break the Fresh Soph Girls Basketball Team hosted a tournament. They played Erie Prophetstown on Monday, December 23rd, for their first game. Beating them by 12 was a good start to the tournament. Later that day they played Mercer County. After losing to them by a lot earlier in the season the girls were excited to have the chance to play them again. After a very close game they ended up beating Mercer County in over time. The tournament resumed after Christmas on Friday, December 27th. That day the Fresh Soph team played Knoxville first, and they ended up losing after a hard fought game. The last game of their tournament they played Ridgewood and ended up winning by 7. The girls were very happy after ending the tournament going 3-1. This tournament was very fun and beneficial for the Fresh Soph team to be in.

The Varsity Girls Basketball Team played in the Warkins tournament, hosted by Erie-Prophetstown, during Christmas break. There they started pool play on Monday, December 23rd when they played Stockton. After losing their first game, the tournament resumed on Friday December 27th after Christmas. That night the girls played Mercer County. After losing by a lot to them in the beginning of the season they knew they wanted to make this one a better game. Although the girls still ended up losing they played very well. For their last pool play game of the tournament they played Erie-Prophetstown. They played very well again, which lead the team to victory this time. Since they ended pool play being 1-2 that caused them to play Wethersfield on Monday, December 31st. After a close and hard fought game they ended up losing to Wethersfield.

The girls’ next game is Thursday in Fulton. If you’d like to see their whole schedule and more sporting events click here.