Christmas Break Expectations vs. Reality


Madison Hanson, Writer

Coming back to school from break is one of the most painful experiences but it happens to best of us. While I don’t entirely hate school, there’s just something that kills me about not being able to have about 6 hours to myself before having to deal with people all day.

Now that we’re back I’d like to give a little review on christmas, so let’s get started.


I left this school on December 20th with high hopes…

Weather- I was dreaming of light fluffy snow with somehow absolutely no ice and sunny skies.

Food- I expected a ton of christmas food like ham and mashed potatoes, like straight up feasts.

Gifts- I don’t know why but somewhere in the depths of my mind I was convinced that I would have like a million dollars to spend on gifts and I was beyond excited.

Activities- I was really banking on going sledding and getting hot chocolate and coffee every day, and doing overall cute winter things with everyone in my life.


Weather- At one point the weather decided to take a little hike up to around 60 degrees and I loved it. Afterwards it actually got kinda icky and rainy; gross.

Food- I actually only had ham and mashed potatoes once and it definitely wasn’t a feast, I was also very tired when I ate them so I feel like I didn’t get the full experience.

Gifts- I also had no money to spend on presents. I think I only actually bought 3 people presents even though I planned on 7 but you know, quality over quantity.

Activities- I spent every day in bed or working and actually ended up getting the flu.

Overall, it was a great Christmas break, probably the best I’ve ever had even though I didn’t get to eat any actual food for 4 days after I got the flu but either way, I was killin’ it.