Study Tips


Kasey Filler, Writer

As everyone should know finals are coming up. This could be good and bad. The good news is we’re about halfway through the year and it’s almost Christmas!! Bad news is finals are stressful and the longest, hardest tests of the year. Hopefully providing you with some tips to help you study will relieve some stress and help you to get the best grade you can on your finals.

  1. Figure out what you need to get on your final to either improve your grade or keep it the same, whichever your goal is. There are a lot of Final Grade Calculators online that you can use for this. If you click here you will be taken straight to one of those calculators.
  2. Complete the study guides your teachers give you. I know this might sound crazy to some people because you’d think everyone would do them to study but a lot of people don’t. Doing the study guides is a good place to start studying.
  3. Make a quizlet. Quizlets are very helpful for many tests especially big tests like a final. On quizlet there are many different games and ways to help you learn and remember the information. Also, it’s way more fun to go on there and play games instead of just reading over your notes or something because that is boring.
  4. Start studying before the night before or the day of your test. Studying the night before at 11 is not going to help you do well on the test. One you’ll be very tired for the test and two you probably won’t remember the information as well as you would if you continuously studied nights leading up to the test.

I hope this helps you out in studying for your finals! Good luck!