Worst Christmas Gifts

Worst Christmas Gifts

Kaitlyn Wilburn

We all know that christmas is right around the corner, which means giving and receiving gifts. We all know the feeling of getting your favorite christmas gift. But what if you get a gift you don’t like.  What if it is a gift that you don’t like at all, but have to use that fake smile and say you love it? Well, I asked a bunch of people in the school about their worst christmas gifts and these were their responses:


“It was these nasty bubbles that when you popped them it would smell like rotten farts and it was disgusting!” -Lilly Emmert

“That christmas I wanted a 24-inch darth Vader the original action figure and she gives me a six inch luke skywalker and I pretended to like it because I am a great actor.” -Alec Noyd 

“ My grandma got me these weird building blocks, but I was ten and they were just wood blocks” -Ariauna Jones

“My grandma pranked me with a box of rocks, but then she gave me the actual present.” -Amaya Versluis

“A pair of underwear.” -Cora Bent

“Probably just a Barbie doll for a joke.” -Jack Bellmeir

“Socks.” -Jayden Smith

“Really big pencils” -Anika Duhs

“Erasers.” -Tiana Donahue

“I got a makeup thing when I was 8 and I still don’t know it’s purpose to this day.” -Kodilynn Kurrle

“This ugly dragonfly necklace.” -Kinslee Whitcomb

“ One of my cousins got me a frog onesie when I was twelve and I didn’t want to wear it but my mom made me try it on and the zipper got stuck and I was stuck in the onzie.” -Rachel Vanduyne

“Toilet paper.” -Marly Lilibridge

“My cousin once got me a hello kitty necklace when I was twelve and I didn’t even like hello kitty, she did.” -Kati Kratzberg

DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to sound greedy and/or ungrateful, it is just to share funny christmas stories!